Waste Collection Vehicle

A waste collection vehicle is more generally known as garbage truck and dustbin lorry. These trucks are used for picking up waste and then moving it to landfills or other places where waste materials are managed and treated. You can have their view mostly in Urban areas. Most of the time Garbage cart is mistaken as dump truck.

Kinds of Waste Collection Vehicles

For waste collection vehicles, we have five kinds and they are:

  • Front loaders
  • Rear Loaders
  • ASL(automated side Loaders)
  • Pneumatic collection
  • Grapple Trucks.

Front loaders

These trucks are employed for industrial services. They have large containers which are covered with plastic lids. This truck has an automated fork placed on the front that is operated by driver who aligns this fork using a joystick to put sleeves on the garbage container to throw it in the container. As soon as the container receives, the garbage it gets it compacted with the help of a Packer blade. This blade has the content of the container pushed toward its rear.

Rear Loaders:

These loaders are generally put to work in residential areas. at the rear of this loader is an opening. This opening lets the waste collector throw bags in the container of the loader. In a number of areas there are toters employed to have the garbage bag thrown in the rear loader automatically. A bin, which is used to throw in the garbage, has size ranging from 35 to 95 gallons.

Another well known system for loading the rear loader is container. In this system, truck has some sort of chain or wire to strap and lift the two hollows on the back portion of the truck. Through the vacant place the waste then is slid in the tray. The normal size for the container ranges from six to 22-meter cube.

Rear loader is a sort of truck which quit often compresses the waste. This compression is done with help of system, which is recognized as sweep-and-slide. This waste is compressed while it is pushed against the front wall of the loader.

Automated Side Loaders (ASL)

For side loaders we have a more precise or common name i.e. garbage truck. This loader picks up only MGB (mobile garbage bins).  It is capable for picking up bins ranging from 80 to 240 liters of capacity however; some exceptional loader can even pick up 360 liter. ASLs are often used in residential areas. They are general collectors for garbage and rubbish from houses under Local Government management. The machine arm for such loaders is capable for reaching as high as 9 feet. This helps the loader to go beyond obstacles and throw in the garbage from Mobile Bins. This machine arm is operated using a joystick.

Additionally, automated side loaders only require a single person for their operation while other loader lack this capacity and require two to three persons for operation.

Pneumatic Collection WCVs:

These loaders have a crane built in with them that is assisted with mouthpiece for fitting in a hole you can find concealed under a plate at your street. This truck and its system is capable for sucking up the waste from the installations set underground. This system helps the operator to have the waste collected even at the times when access is blocked under hurdles.

Grapple Trucks:

This truck makes the operator to collect a volume of waste. A greater portion of the solid waste is much heavy and large to be collected with hand. These oversized wastes are named as “bulky waste”. Therefore, to have them collected they have formed grapple trucks.


to move solid waste mankind is using wagons and other such means from centuries. Therefore, for this purpose trucks were invented. 1920s were the years during which first every open topped truck was seen and utilized for hauling purposes. However, soon picture changed and covered trucks strike the scene. The open tops failed because of they tend to drop waste and spread odors. Covered trucks had strike the scene in Europe for the first this and then to North America.

The difficulty the waste collectors were confronting was lifting the garbage bin to the shoulder height to pour the content in to the truck container. So the very first technique was introduced in late 20s. This techniques was to build rounded compartments with colossal corkscrews that were meant to pick up the load and bringing that load to the reat of the truck. However, in 1929 Hopper developed a more competent model. This system had wires to bring the waste bin to the truck.

Moving forward with dates, in 1937 a system named as Dempster-dumpster was developed by George Dempster in which the wheeled container for waste were mechanically poured in to the waste collecting vehicle. His invention was named as Dumpster, which lead to the addition of word Dumpster in the language.

In year 1938 Garwood Load Packer transfigured the waste management industry with the inclusion of compactors or compressors to the truck. With advent in 1955 Dempster Dumpmaster introduced the front loader for first time. They were not much common until 1970s but with them being common the smaller dumpsters were also introduced that today are recognized as wheelie bins.

There was a more dramatic change in the industry. The “sweep and slide” system was also introduced in the market out of so many models of compactors. Later in 1960s to 1970s the compactors named as continuous compactors were much popular but then German shark designed a rotating drum which seems much like a cement mixer. This drum was meant to compact and grind the waste. Then SEMAT-Rey from France had also introduced rotating rake system to have the waste compacted and break large items in to smaller pieces. This decline high use of fuel in trucks.

In 1970s grapple trucks were introduced for the first time for the purpose of municipal waste collection. In year 1997 Lee Rathbun commenced the lightening Rear steer System to world. This is the unique model.